Where Does The Gambling Come From?

The next question that we have to answer is, "Where does the gambling come from?" We certainly know that the gambling dollars are not coming out of the State of Utah, at least, not in the form of any kind of legalized gambling as the state has nonesuch. In fact, as I found on my Proclivity for Gambling in the United States article:

This couldn't be much simpler, if it's gambling, then it is illegal. In fact, Utah specifically amended its laws to make it clear that Online Gambling is illegal, so I'm going to suggest that this state is even less gambling-friendly than Hawaii. At least Hawaii didn't feel the need to amend its code lest there be a shadow of a doubt. -5 Points and they beat Hawaii in the tie.

With that said, in the context of world gambling, we know the United States is going to be a major contributor.

It comes as no surprise that the United States contributes more net money than any other country. Taken as a whole, the United States is one of the most liberal countries when it comes to what sorts of gambling activities are legal in its borders, this despite the fact that multiple states have no legalized form of gambling whatsoever https://australiabestcasinos.info/.

The way that the Tenth Amendment, which effectively gives power to the states to handle their own gambling affairs, is actually pretty interesting. The majority of other countries are licensed and regulated through the Government itself or some regulatory body of the Federal Government. One such example is the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) which handles the gambling regulation in, you guessed it, the entire United Kingdom.

It's also important to remember that the Gambling Losses per Country chart represents the originating country from which the gambling loss occurred. In other words, it's not saying that this amount of money is necessarily lost by United States citizens, just that it is lost in the United States. Granted, citizens of the United States also gamble and lose money outside of the country, but Las Vegas remains one of the top destinations in the world.